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Annie Gan PBM
Founder and Chairperson of SCB Group of Companies


Ms Annie Gan founded the SCB* Group, formerly known as Jian Huang Group, in 1996. The Group commenced business as a sub-contractor for building works. It later grew to become a leading Design-and Build contractor for factories and ramp-up warehouses as well as rental / leasing of construction equipment. Ms Gan is the Chairperson responsible for the overall management and strategy for the Group's operations.

Ms Gan is the Vice-President, Member Relations, and EXCO Member of ASME. She has been appointed by ASME as Chairperson of its Business Feedback Group. Ms Gan is also a member of the Young Business Leaders (YBL) of the National Youth Council, a member of the Resource Panel under the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Finance and Trade & Industry, a member of Community Development Council and the Chairperson of Taxpayer Feedback Panel - Mandarin Dialogue of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. In 2007, Ms Gan herself has won the ASME Top Entrepreneur Award.

She is also actively involved in charitable work. Besides being a EXCO Member for the Singapore Children's Society, she is also the Chairperson for 1000 Enterprise for Children-In-Need for the Singapore Children's Society.