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Lee Chong Chin
Founder and Managing Director of SCB Group of Companies


Mr Lee together with Ms Annie Gan founded SCB Group (formerly known as Jian Huang Group) in 1996 and hold position of Executive Director since then. He is in charge of the Group's local & overseas operation and responsible for the strategic planning and position of the Group. Venture into Design & Build of industrial sector in year 2002 and completion of Jian Huang Business Centre in year 2009 is the major milestone for the Group since incorporation.

He graduated with a MBA and BSc (Hon) in Computer Science (United Kingdom) as well as Mechanical Engineering Diploma in Singapore. He has more than 20 years of planning, managing, executing and innovating in construction industry. Regional business development such as designing, project management, property management is one of the role taken up recently, towards diversification of Group's business model.